About the forest


What is a primeval forest?

Instead of homogeneous pines – all species naturally occurring in the Forest. Instead of densely planted trees in rows – space for self-sown shrubs, mosses and flowers. Life flourishes in such conditions! A forest that has not been directly or indirectly modified by humans is called PRIMEVAL FOREST.

In the case of the Białowieża Forest, it is not only about preserving the heritage that has been going on for thousands of years. But this forest is also of great importance today. A natural forest is a response to the climate crisis, the decline of biodiversity and the preservation of balance in nature. Research shows that natural and biodiverse forests absorb more CO2 in the long term.

Inhabitants of the Białowieża Forest

In 2021, 10 species of plants became extinct in the Forest. Concern for biodiversity will allow the survival of those that remain.

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Better future

Maintaining a healthy ecosystem of the Forest provides a stable basis for the development of tourism and is a reliable source of income in the perspective of future generations, in contrast to tree felling, which gives only temporary income from the sale of wood.

Involving local communities is an important part of our mission. By protecting nature, we provide a healthy living environment and the prospect of working in a forest environment, taking advantage of the benefits of nature.

Take care of the primeval forest with us for future us and the next generations!