A primeval forest
for our future


Białowieża Forest – the most unique forest in Europe!

The Białowieża Forest is one of the last primeval forests in Europe. This unique place is characterized by endemic species (i.e. those that do not occur in other areas), high biodiversity and natural beauty. Protecting biodiversity is crucial in the fight against the climate crisis.

The best way to ensure the survival of this unique ecosystem is to combine legal protection with passive afforestation methods and to minimize human intervention in the reserves. In addition, it is crucial to educate local communities to leave a healthy forest for future generations.

Mushroom in Białowieża Forest

One of the last
primeval forests
in Europe

The Rewilding trend increases wild areas of nature

Our goal: to protect the biodiversity of the Forest!

Our activity is part of the strong global rewildening trend, which calls for increasing the areas of wild nature. Rewilding assumes that the natural areas left behind return to a state of equilibrium on their own. Thanks to the lack of human interference in a given area, diversity increases, there is a return of wild animals.

An important element of our philosophy is to increase ecological awareness among the youngest, paying attention to the advantages of contact with nature. A healthy environment is also a source of drinking water, clean air and better well-being. The forest is a sure investment for the future.

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Help us start the most beautiful and peaceful revolution and join us in creating natural forests that may one day become a copy of primeval forests. Such a forest is a balanced place for other species of plants and animals.

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Who we are?

We established FundacjaNasz Las (‘Our Forest Foundation’) out of love for Polish forests. Together with our partners and dedicated volunteers, we raise funds for forest protection and afforestation of new areas.

We appreciate the strength, perseverance and well-functioning mechanisms of nature’s survival. Therefore, our role is to give it space for independent, natural growth by taking care of biodiversity.