Get involved


A wild, beautiful and rich forest can also be your merit!

Together, we can save the areas around the Białowieża Forest – the most biologically rich forest in Europe. Instead of homogeneous pines – all species naturally occurring in the Forest. Instead of densely planted trees in rows – space for self-sown shrubs, mosses and flowers. Life flourishes in such conditions! Help us preserve forest areas!

Adopt a wild forest and let nature do its thing!

Nature has great survival mechanisms. She is strong and focused on her own development. She is also persistent, because she waits for many years for the effectiveness of her methods. By reaching out to nature, giving it a good place to settle, the whole process will take less time and bring better results. You can be part of it!

Join us – adopt a piece of wild forest and support nature in the last such diverse place in Europe!

Help us start the most beautiful and peaceful revolution and join us in creating natural forests that may one day become a copy of primeval forests. Such a forest is a balanced place for other species of plants and animals.