About us


Our mission

We are nature lovers. We established FundacjaNasz Las (‘Our Forest Foundation’) to protect biodiversity around the oldest Polish forest – the Białowieża Forest, which is one of the last primeval forests in Europe.

Our mission is to care for the wildness of nature and save its biodiversity for future generations. We are not against human interference, but we care about giving nature space for self-regulation, natural processes of life and death, for wildness. Because the beauty of the Białowieża Forest lies in its wildness, primeval nature and richness of flora and fauna.

How do we do it?

Together with our partners and dedicated volunteers, we collect funds for forest protection and afforestation of new areas near the Białowieża Forest. We use methods in accordance with the latest knowledge about forest ecology. Whenever possible, we always choose passive afforestation methods that guarantee a natural forest where trees take root properly – as opposed to conventional nursery planting methods that impair the root system at an early stage of tree development.

Thanks to passive forest cultivation, we support the development of biodiversity, including local species of flora, fauna and fungi. Because we know that nature has the natural power of growth, beauty and diversity!

We bet on “wildness”!

Pine monocultures appear more and more often in the vicinity of the Białowieża National Park. Uniform reforestation does not help to preserve this unique and so rich place. In order to stop the decline of biodiversity and give space for the development of many species, as the Nasz Las Foundation, we create natural forests.

Because we see the creation of forests differently:

  • We give the trees we plant more space to grow. And consequently, more space and sun for other species that live below.
  • We only plant trees and shrubs that occur in the immediate vicinity, taking care of biodiversity.
  • The seedlings we use come from the nearest trainings.
  • We give the opportunity to spread the species from the Białowieski Park also beyond its borders. Because nature can take care of itself, knows no boundaries, and its most beautiful face is the wildest.
  • We give nature more control and future generations a chance to enjoy wild and natural forests.

Education and awareness

Working on planting and protecting the forest allows us to spread the acquired knowledge around the world: also in the Netherlands and throughout Poland. Our activity is part of the strong global rewilding trend, which calls for increasing the areas of wild nature. Rewilding assumes that the natural areas left behind return to a state of equilibrium on their own. Thanks to the lack of human interference in a given area, diversity increases, there is a return of wild animals.

An important element of our philosophy is to increase ecological awareness among the youngest, paying attention to the advantages of contact with nature. A healthy environment is also a source of drinking water, clean air and better well-being.

An extremely important project is the organization of The Nasz Las Expeditions, i.e. experiencing the primeval forest during a few-day stay in Białowieża.

Our team:

Our Forest team is made up of people who say STOP. We do not agree with the increasingly frequent ignoring of the destruction of unique places, with the extinction of species. Stop monocultures! That is why we are working towards reducing damage and restoring ecosystems. Fortunately, we are not alone – many friends and volunteers are also happy to work to improve biodiversity around the Białowieża Forest.

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