The Nasz Las Expeditions –
Expeditions and study visits

Do you want to experience an inspiring stay in the wild nature? We have teamed up with various partners and offer you The Nasz Las Experiences! We invite you to the Białowieża Forest for a few days of action and inspiration. Of course, there will be no shortage of walks in the forest. We will get to know the villages and regional specialties, we will experience the hospitality of the inhabitants.

You will return home with a backpack full of memories and ideas for a sustainable life. And although it will be a very active time, we will make sure that it is also a time of complete relaxation.

Are you struggling with the implementation of sustainable development in your organization? We thought about that too! Take your colleagues to the Białowieża Forest for a study visit and you will return with a solid sustainability plan tailored to your business needs. We will spend a few days in a small team exploring the forest and its surroundings.

Let yourself be inspired by the forest and its inhabitants under the guidance of an experienced business trainer – we will add some good practices and examples to work out the perfect plan. You will also see how nature will bring your team even closer together. And a few group photos from this experience will create a good buzz on social media – about your organization and Białowieża!

We have developed various Expeditions and each one will be fully adapted to your needs and wishes. Local craft shops, restaurants, guides will be part of this journey as it is their stories and passion that are the strongest inspiration. The first step is up to you – choose comfortable shoes, friends and colleagues. And we’ll take care of the rest.

If you are interested in this extraordinary Expedition, write to us at

See you soon in Białowieża!

Spring Planting – Tree Planting Expedition

We invite you to an all-day event in the forest near the Białowieża Forest – you will plant trees, rest with your loved ones, meet other nature lovers and invest in the good future of the primeval forest.

What will happen?

We will start the day with an introduction to ensure the comfort of all participants. We will divide into small groups, and each of them will receive a guardian-trainer who will prepare you for proper tree planting – he will explain what species and why we plant them, present the equipment and instruct you on how to plant a tree correctly and with respect for nature.

And all this in a good atmosphere that brings you closer to nature.

We are also planning to prepare healthy vegetarian snacks, a fair with crafts and seeds, and maybe there will be a moment for good music and dancing?

Who can participate?

You and your friends, acquaintances, family, children, dogs.

It is supposed to be a joyful and active time for the benefit of all of us.

This is a great proposition for spending a day outside the city. And if you decide to stay longer, we’ll tell you what to see and where to eat.

What to bring?

Bring rubber boots and a raincoat. We provide everything else: planting equipment and seedlings.

If you want to participate, write to us at

Take care of the primeval forest with us for future us and the next generations!


Become a tree planting trainer

We will teach you how to plant trees correctly and with respect for nature, taking care of biodiversity. As our volunteer, you will be a trainer for willing groups during Planting Trees Experience – an event in the forest near the Białowieża Forest, which is to be an opportunity to jointly take care of the primeval forest, educate adults and children and have a good time.

Join our team if:

  • nature is important to you and you see value in its original, wild version;
  • you are not afraid to get your hands dirty with earth and your clothes muddy;
  • you keep your word, commitments and declarations;
  • you like spending time in nature;
  • you want to meet other forest and nature lovers;

We are waiting for you! Write to

Social media specialist

Join our team if:

  • care for nature is important to you and you want to contribute to better public awareness of forest biodiversity;
  • you operate Facebook and Instagram at a basic level;
  • you like to write, you have a light pen, you understand that social media is a place of light communication;
  • you write correctly, without grammar and spelling errors, with correct punctuation;
  • you have a few hours a week to prepare a few entries for the Foundation’s Facebook and Instagram profiles and you can declare your regular involvement.

You will receive substantive support from us, we will tell you what to write about and where to find reliable information. We will provide you with a bank of your own photos from the Forest and its surroundings.

We want the posts to be ready a few days before publication, so that we can translate them into English – the publication will be in two languages, because a very large group of our community are international citizens. Of course, if you want and can create in two languages right away, it will be a huge help for us and our mission! 🙂

If your heart beats faster after reading this announcement, write to us at